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Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions cover a number of issues related to running an awards program, including the collection of entries and the use of material submitted as entries in the Vancouver User Experience Awards (the “Awards”).

These terms and conditions apply to your use of the Vancouver User Experience Awards website (the “Site”). This includes: all web pages, forms, images, content, and any other information on the Site. The terms and conditions contained here constitute the entire agreement between you, the Awards, and the Site.

By accessing and using the Site, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions contained in this document. The Vancouver User Experience Awards reserves the right to update the terms and conditions at any time during the contest. If a major change occurs, we will notify firms and professionals who have already entered the competition. You should not enter the Vancouver User Experience Awards or use the Site if you have objections to these terms and conditions.

Submission of content

In entering the Vancouver User Experience Awards, you hereby allow the organizing committee and judges panel access to your submission. You acknowledge that entries may be handled by the Awards on a non-confidential basis.

Entrants must obtain all necessary licenses, consents, waivers, releases, authorizations, and permissions from client organizations before entering the Awards. You also grant the Awards the right to publicize winning entries on this website and at future events related to the Awards. The Vancouver User Experience Awards takes no responsibility for negative outcomes that may impact an entrant as a result of entering or winning an Award.

In entering the Awards, you grant the Awards a temporary license to rebroadcast content contained in your entry. This license is necessary to showcase winning entries at the awards gala, on this website, and other relevant channels. You retain all ownership to your content. The Awards do not claim ownership of any content submitted in an Award application.

Collection of information

We endeavour to do everything possible to keep all personal information secure, however, the Awards cannot guarantee data entered into the form will be safe from security threats or breakdowns. We offer no guarantees about the security of personal information. Use the Site at your own risk.

The Awards are not liable for any privacy breaches or losses or personal information.

If you have reservations about information fields in the form, please contact us for details.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of the Site, please contact us at